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Travel and hospitality business messaging is the perfect model. Here’s why

Travel and hospitality business messaging strategies are being investing in more than ever in 2019. Here’s why, and why you should take note, no matter the industry.

You’ve booked a holiday (lucky you). What’s the first thing that happens next? Whether you’ve booked on a company’s app, a site, or on the phone, not only are you likely to receive a detailed confirmation (including itinerary) instantly, these days you’re also likely to receive it on a channel of your preferred choice. And the messaging journey doesn’t stop there.

ARN in real-time

Travel and hospitality business messaging has always been pioneering when it comes to alerts, reminders and notifications (ARN). Because consumers may be booking well in advance of the services they have purchased, the industry quickly developed a way to buffer the customer’s post-sale journey. This not only provides excellent customer service, it also slashes things like missed appointments and no-shows, preventing empty rooms or unused timeslots. This is not to mention how crucial messaging is for time-critical services like travel that may require mass communication at the drop of a hat, such as in the event of a plane or train delay, or weather alert.


What’s more, travel and hospitality business messaging has also led the way in being conversational. 2-way messaging is the key to giving your customers control. It prevents missed appointments or cancellations with the ability to simply message back and alter the booking. This also ultimately leads to more conversions when customers are chatting to your sales or support staff. Which leads us to…

Ancillary purchasing

2-way messaging also lowers the barrier to purchase. Consumers can immediately message you to make ancillary purchases. For example, seat reservation, meals, spa services, extra luggage or even additional travelers. All of these can be purchased in a manner that is both frictionless and seamless.

Channel choice

Finally, travel and hospitality business messaging has also leveraged the choice of channels that are available to modern-consumers. These include Facebook Messenger, SMS, and even WhatsApp. By providing consumers with a choice of channels, the travel and hospitality sector are winning the final battleground of customer experience. And in a landscape where consumers are more empowered than ever, this makes the difference between winning business over your competitors, or losing out on lifetime customers.

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