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Programmable APIs and intuitive software that makes omni channel communication easy

Send, receive and reply at scale through SMS, Email, Push, Web Chat, Apps and more!

Hub makes it easy to communicate with customers anywhere in the world

Hub enables your business to integrate communications channels into existing platforms and products to message at-scale and engage in conversations in real time across multiple channels, all through powerful, programmable APIs and webhooks.

  • Comapi's APIs power the entirety of our SMS parcel notifications across the whole of the UK, ensuring our customers know where their parcels are, and when they will be delivered.

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Making omnichannel communications simple

With more and more messaging channels available, you can’t always know that your message will reach your customer. That’s why we created Branch to give you intelligent message routing. If your message can’t be delivered, it will automatically be sent to a channel that the message can be delivered on. Branch guarantees that no matter how many channels you communicate through, your message is always delivered.

Explore the key features of Hub


Use Hub as the base of your operations for your external communications. Send messages to your customers on your preferred channel at-scale and hyper-speed.

Whether you want to send one message or one million, via SMS, or the very latest messaging app, to one country, or 250, our messaging API empowers you to deliver with confidence.

Messages can be sent real-time, as they occur, as a single post event, or batched.

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Receive inbound messages, delivery and status information and profile changes in real time with our powerful webhooks.

Use webhooks to serve up all the data you want into an existing platform or BI tool. Comapi’s webhooks allows you to subscribe to the events that you are interested in, making sure you are in control.


Receive, store and harness all the data you need on customer communications to better inform your business, increasing engagement and conversion. Armed with message history, device type, name, communication preferences, contact details and any custom fields that are relevant to your operations, your business will be able to have immediately meaningful and relevant interactions. Easily update and integrate profile data using our profile web service. Receive real-time profile updates from your system by subscribing to profile events via our webhooks


It’s crucial to be able to understand that your integrations are performing as expected. Every API customer gets access to our full reporting suite. If you need greater insight you can configure webhooks to feed data to your existing analytics system.

Want to learn how to receive a webhook event? Check out our quick start guide.


We have a diverse set of APIs and SDKs that can solve any communication challenge that you may face with ease. Just a few examples:

Send and receive messages across multiple channels through a single messaging API

Two-factor authentication

One-time pass codes

Phone number verification

Chat APIs

In-app messaging SDKs

What channels can you communicate on?

Our aim is to manage all your communication channels, so you can to focus on building your product and supporting your customers while we look to the future and develop the next integration to expand your communication capability. Communicate with your customers on all or any of these channels through one, intuitive API.




Web chat


App messaging




Facebook Messenger


Twitter DM


Push notifications


iOS Chat Embeddables


Android Chat Embeddables


RCS business messaging


Google Assistant (coming soon)


Apple Business Messaging

Experts in Alerts, Reminders and Notifications (ARN)

Communication of business critical information through alerts, reminders and notifications, across any relevant channel, is crucial to delivering an exceptional customer experience, minimising operating costs and maximising profit. Using only verified white routes, the latest web technology and leveraging partnerships with leading technology experts we ensure your messages are always delivered.

Easily integrate omnichannel communication into your business

Whether you are adding messaging capability to an existing system or building an entire communications platform, connecting to Hub gives you the access to the most powerful programmable messaging API on the market. With clear pricing, software developer kits, sample code and detailed documentation, we make adding real-time communication simple.


Built on multicloud architecture for ultimate resilience

Detailed Docs and Sample code

Sample code and quick-start guides make integration easy

REST interface

Integrate quickly and easily using simple REST web services with JSON

Global Scalability

Built to scale on-demand, Hub grows in line with your requirements

256-bit encryption

Using the latest security technology, you can be sure your data is safe and secure

Best-in-class SLAs

With 99.9%, Hub is always available to power your communication

One API for all channels

Future-proof – use one simple API to send messages to all channels with ease

Channel-specific content

Send different content to individual channels to maximise message impact and engagement

Granular permissions

Grant or limit permissions, ensuring systems can only use specific functions

Managed services and consultancy

From system architecture design, to management and fulfilment of high-volume communication campaigns, our team of integration and messaging experts are with you every step of the way to ensure your project’s success.

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Helping GAP to transition communications to a mobile-first channel to improve engagement, accelerate app adoption and drive increased revenue.

Adopting a mobile-first approach, using a mix of SMS and in app messaging, to reduce missed appointments and boost app engagement.

Bespoke solution for a leading UK energy provider that dramatically improved the amount of meter reading submissions and bill payments received using SMS

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