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Say goodbye to web chat and hello to omnichannel chat built for the business user no coding required.

  • Comapi’s Live chat has given us the ability to handle more support enquires, reduce response times, increase conversions and deliver an overall superior customer experience.

    Eric Sexton Senior Product Manager Camelot Global

Transform your communications

Contact is a web-based software solution that enables you to have conversations and send out messages at scale to customers on Facebook, Twitter DM, Web Chat, SMS, Email and In-app chat, enabling communication on the channels relevant to your customers.

Explore the key features of Contact


Instantly respond to your customer requests regardless of the channel. Chat enables your agents to have the right conversations with the right people through automatic chat routing, multiple teams and unlimited agents. Resolve queries faster and deliver a better, more consistent customer experience.

Inbound and Outbound Messaging

With both inbound and outbound messages on any channel arriving in real time, your agents can seamlessly inform, engage and convert, with powerful communications that are instantly relevant to the customer.

Achieve More with Multi-team Support

Setup up one team or more to easily direct conversations to the right member, improving response times and increasing conversions. Teams can have different roles, varying permissions, and new team members can be added in just a few clicks.

Auto-assign Chats to Agents

When a new inbound chat arises, it can be automatically sent to the next available agent.

Transferable Chats

We’ve made it easy to transfer a chat in just a few clicks so you can seamlessly pass conversations between departments and get your customer talking to the right people faster.

Customisable Chat Widget

Customise the colour and agent profile picture of your chat widget to fit your company style.

Easy Set-up

Simply copy and paste the code from the Contact portal into your site, or use our WordPress plugin – it’s that simple to get a chat widget up and running on your site.


It’s never been easier to reach your customers, with Contact’s built-in communication tool Broadcast. Send alerts, reminders and notifications across multiple channels at scale, all from one place.

Message Builder

Create and preview your messages in message builder. Add pictures, video, audio and buttons (if available on your chosen channel). Use pre-made templates or start from scratch.

Target the Right People

Use our audience builder to create targeted lists based on customer profile information. Or when speed is of the essence, send to your entire database.

Controlled Delivery

There nothing worse than being inundated with support calls from a communication sent out to a large database. That’s why we give you complete control to stagger your message sends for a controlled delivery in line with your available team resources.


At last, get a single view of all customer engagements. Contact creates a profile whenever you receive an inbound message. Every Profile is automatically appended with publicly available demographics from the message channel, enriching your data for better segmentation and more targeted communications.

Simple Profile Creation

Manually create profiles on an individual basis or import. Quickly find existing customers and merge them with new customer profiles in a couple of clicks to give a complete view of engagement irrespective of interaction through new channels and devices.

Message Timeline

See every conversation or message sent and received by your customers, across any channel, all from one place.

Compliant with the Latest Data Regulations

We’ve built Contact to be fully compliant with the latest data regulations. Profiles play a key role in this, providing you greater flexibility to manage customer data effectively.

  • Set custom data retention periods in line with your policy
  • Opt-in management
  • Customer messaging retention periods
  • Delete individual profiles and all message history
  • Bulk delete

Powerful Reporting

Accurate, real-time data you can trust is key to making improvements to operational efficiency and messaging performance. Our pre-built reports provide everything you need to make data-driven decisions at the touch of button.

Channel Reports

See how individual channels are performing. Get complete clarity over send, delivery and engagement. Filter by custom date ranges, API, Broadcast and Chat. Our channel reports are also downloadable as PDFs.

Global Chat

Real time and historical reporting serving up the most important KPIs to understand business, team and individual performance.

Message Data

View all your message data across each channel. Filter by inbound or outbound, channel and date. For deep analysis, you can download as a .CSV to be used in your own business intelligence tool.

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