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Communicate with your customer on any relevant channel

Explore which channels you can message your customers on through our software and APIs


Global SMS messaging

Send and receive SMS via our global network. With 2-way local options, short code and long numbers for over 195 countries, advanced scaling technology and direct connections; you can send with confidence.

Branded SMS

With Branded SMS you can send messages from your brand name building greater trust and reassuring your customers they know who the message is from.

Exceptional service and message delivery

With access to global networks, intelligent routing, a platform uptime of 100% and a 99.95% SLA, businesses can rely on Comapi to ensure messages are always delivered.

Web & App messaging

Secure messaging and chat

Build secure messaging and chat services into your native and web applications using our pre-built java script and native SDKs. Use app messaging for P2P chat, B2C chat or A2P messaging for alerts reminders and notifications.

Push notifications

Full APNS and FCM push notification support allowing you to send notifications from your own platform.

Types of messages

Send any type of message. We support multiple message formats including text, image, video and HTML. Messages can also be any other mime-type, data payload or native operating system services such as location.

Easy integration

We want to make life easy for you – that’s why we provide detailed docs and set-up guides, open source code with SDKs, for iOS, Android, JS and example UI code available in GitHub.

Embeddable SDKs

SDKs available for iOS, Android and Cordova with sample code to make it easy for you to drop messaging into any application. Start with the foundation SDK and then build additional functionality using UI components.

Cross platform synchronisation

Give your customers a consistent view of their messages across any native app or browser, our messaging platform synchronises messages in real time. As your users switch devices they will see their message history and current conversations.

Facebook Messenger

Connect and message

Setting up messenger couldn’t be simpler. Log in to Contact, press the “integrate now” button and log in to your Facebook account. Once you have logged in, the channel is then available to use.

Send messages to your Facebook audience

Capture customer Facebook information when they message your page. Segment, select your audience, schedule campaigns and send content to Messenger with the Broadcast function directly from Contact.

What types of message can you send

Comapi supports the following message content types for Messenger; text, image, audio and video.

Three ways to engage your customers
  • Reply to Facebook users that message your page
  • Integrate the ‘Message me’ plug-in to your website as a simple button. When a user clicks on the button you can message them
  • With Facebook Messenger connected to Chat, you can have live conversations with multiple customers from one place.

Twitter DM

Communicate through Twitter DM

With over 100 million daily users Twitter is a powerful platform. Communicate with your followers through direct messages, from taking a public complaint to a private conversation or sending out an operational update it can all easily be managed from one place.

Take things private

Twitter is the go-to platform for frustrated customers. Quickly take their public tweets to direct messages answered through live chat to resolve their issues quickly and deliver a better customer experience.

Have richer conversations

With support for text, image, audio and video you can send richer messages to help solve your customer queries faster.


RCS (Rich Communication Services) represents a huge leap forward in messaging capability. RCS is the next generation of SMS delivering interactive mobile experiences to the default messaging app.

86% of smartphones will be RCS enabled by 2020. Comapi are proud to be part of the Google RCS beta program. If you would like to be an early adopter and start delivering richer messaging experiences to your customers, sign up to our Beta program.

Connect to your CRM

Comapi creates a new profile, or appends new data to an existing record when a customer messages you. Demographic information from social networks is automatically aggregated and added to the customer profile.

With Contact synced to your CRM system, customer profile data enriches your database to enhance what you know about your customers and prospects giving you greater targeting and segmentation capability as well as a complete picture of the engagement past and present across any channel.

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