What is ARN, and why are all the best businesses doing it?

What is ARN, and why are all the best businesses doing it?

Perhaps you’ve heard of ARN. Perhaps this is the first you’ve heard of it and curiosity has gotten the better of you. For those of you who are familiar with the term, congratulation! We hereby grant you permission to officially jump the queue. Scroll down a bit to find out how (and why) all the companies you want to be when you grow up are using it. Better still, find out why you should be too! But for now, here comes the explanation bit.

What is ARN?

Put simply, ARN stands for Alerts, Reminders and Notifications. Yes, all those little push messages you get from the nation’s favourite online retailer telling you exactly where your parcel is. Or the SMS you receive from your kid’s school letting you know there’s a burst water pipe and classes wont be in session. Or the nudge from your dental hygienist reminding you that your tooth cleaning is on Friday (of all the days).

Why does ARN matter to customers? And to your business?

Alerts, reminders and notifications are packed full of value for customers. ARN gives consumers reassurance about their purchases after they’ve parted ways with their wallets. They provide a valuable service to costumers who need gentle reminders about items or events they’ve booked in (slashing missed appointment times). They also give your customers a chance to intervene before it becomes either a hassle. Or for that matter, for your business, a costly problem. For example, a mis-typed address would result in an expensive failed delivery and poor user experience.

Obviously what this will all translate into for your business is increased brand loyalty, and therefore increased retention and referral rates. Where customer experience is today the final battleground of business, you can be sure that not getting your ARN right could cost you big.

How can you start using ARN to leverage more

It’s simple. Get in touch. We can examine your customer user journeys and shed some light on how you can optimise your ARN. You can create customer experiences that will be simply unparalleled to your competition.

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